My IT Test Bed

This is how my IT Test Bed looks like. lucky to have much spare hardware collected from last 7-8 years of hard work in this office. as time goes we gets redundant servers added to test bed list.

Equipment List, keeps growing with time ­čÖé

  • 3 * Dell Power Edge R710 Servers, two of them are in MS 2012 R2 based failover cluster running Hyper V, 1 of these is connected to DELL MD 1000 storage array and serving as my iSCSI box, so all VHDs for VMs reside on one of the Power Edge server serving as storage node.
  • 2 * Dell MD1000 arrays, only 1 being used 1 is on spare desk.
  • Watchguard Firewalls, currently am playing with new T10 box, got few more 5 series onside.
  • Cisco switches one for all network setup and one for iSCSI traffic only.
  • oh yea there is Super Micro Tower as well , this is cool box, running ESXi 5.5 got many VMs running .

and on floor are actually really redundant OLD stuff,  these are some Dell power edge SC 1425 Servers,  couple of HP servers CRAP Ones, I am big DELL fan, and never had good time with HP Servers so they are off my list.






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