Install Fog Server 1.1.2

Hello Guys, in this post we will go through required steps to Install Fog Server 1.1.2 on ubuntu server 12.04 LTS,  if you have clean install ubuntu server 12.04 LTS with static IP that’s well and good if not you can refer to this post to get going with Ubuntu Server 12.04 Install . for more info on Fog project please visit

so once we have a working clean install of Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS we can now proceed with Fog Server Installation.

Installation of Fog Server on ubuntu 12.04 is very simple and straight forward and normally involves below steps.  i have done this on my server and all works fine for me , i hope this should also work for you as well.

  • Login to Ubuntu Server via Putty, using Root Username/password
  • now i like to keep things clean so before we download anything i would go upto root level using cmd “cd ..” “cd ..”  and now will create a new Directory called FOG using below cmd
  • mkdir FOG
  • change directory to Fog using below cmd
  • cd FOG
  • now we will download fog install files  download latest fog 1.1.2 (latest at this time) using below cmd
  • wget
  • now time to unzip the archive using below cmd
  • tar xf fog_1.1.2.tar.gz
  • change directory to BIN under unzipped fog version named directory using below cmd
  • cd fog_1.1.2\bin
  • now run the installer using below cmd to install fog server 1.1.2
  • sudo ./

Install fog server 1.1.2

  • we will select option 2  for ubuntu. hit enter to proceed with install.
  • we will keep default static IP as it is, now as I allready got DHCP server in my environment so i will not use fog’s inbuilt DHCP server and will say NO to all options now on and only Yes to last Install option.

during install this will ask for mySQL root user password.  i have used same root user password.

at the end below prompt comes

  • did you leave your mysql password blank during install ? : n
  • enter same password root password you used earlier during install.
  • setup should go ahead and come to final step.

Install fog server 1.1.2


before hitting Enter to finish install you need to go to web control panel for fog server by using give URL/IP link in install

login with default fog login details

username = fog

password = password

Fog server install Schema

click on install/upgrade now, this should do the trick and confirm that its done and you can login to fog server,

now Hit enter on Putty console to complete install process.

and here we go , we have working fog server.

Fog Server 1.1.2 Web GUI
Fog Server 1.1.2

once again thanks for your time and positive comments welcomed.


Harjeet Singh (Harry)



install ubuntu server 12.04 LTS

In this article I will be going through basic steps for installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, this is actually part of another article “Install Fog Server” just to cover whatever is needed for a working setup of Fog Server I am covering installation of base OS i.e. Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.

lets start the fun,  I got this old Dell PC ‘Optiplex 380’ to test on.

Dell Optiplex 380

This is actually quite fine for running a Fog Server Setup based on Ubuntu Server,

  • Download ISO file from ubuntu site this is 32bit ubuntu server 12.04 “not latest” but I want to use this as it works perfectly fine, had some issues with 14.04 :-(.  once you got CD ready boot your PC/Server from that CD and enter the Install mode.

  • Just follow very basic steps like keyboard, language selection and keep hitting ENTER.
  • Important step is Static IP as for this server we need static IP , during install it will try to get IP from your DHCP server if you have one running, if not it will say failed to get IP and give you options to manually enter IP, or even if its taken IP automatically, then it will present you with hostname Screen.  now here I will hit “Go Back”  so that we can define IP parameters manuually.

Ubuntu Server IP setup

  • Hit Go Back and you will get manually IP setting scree.


  • go through manual IP setup process, then simply follow the instructions and best to use “Guided Use Entire Disk”  option for disk format etc. so this will actually utilize entire disk .
  • at select and install software screen we will just select, SSH server, so that we can get in via putty etc remotely.

select and install ubuntu

  • hit continue and this will proceed with install process,
  • At last say yes to “Install the GRUB boot loader to master boot record”
  • install should complete and ask you to remove disk and system will reboot. ready for you to login to console with username/password you created during install “this is not root user yet”
  • Now we need to create password for Root User so we can login using root remotely via putty .
  • login with standard username/password you created during install then enter below command.
  • sudo passwd
  • this will ask you to enter your standard user password twice then ask you to setup new password for root, here you can define any good password for Root user.
  • now we can login remotely via putty using IP address with root user, i would recommed doing “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade” just to install aviable updates etc.

with this you should have minimal running Ubuntu server,  ready to install Fog server or any other applications if you have plan for.

thanks  for reading. positive comments welcome.